Friday, November 21, 2008

Honeymoon plans

So, those plans to go to Savannah and Charleston flew out the window.

Because we're going to Paris!

We're extremely excited! We booked the trip earlier this week, so it's absolutely official. We never would have been able to afford it if the insurance settlement from Bobby's accident, which happened more than a year ago, hadn't come through.

We will be leaving the day after the wedding (on March 22) and coming back March 29. Expect to see lots of fabulous photos!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well, we'll see how this works out, but this hopefully will be a blog dedicated to Bobby's and my married life.

A little background:

Bobby and I met in summer 2002 when I interned at the paper where he was a reported in his hometown, Enterprise, Ala. We hung out a little bit that summer, played tennis, maybe watched a movie, then I moved back to college and he stayed where he was. We kept in touch, and at some point, he asked me to date him. And I said no.

Not too long after that, Bobby moved to Wyoming for a new job, and I stayed right where I was, working on my communication degree at the University of Alabama. We were out of touch for a while during this time, with him way out west and me sort of growing up and learning more about myself.

He moved to Georgia and, at some point, made contact with me again. I sort of tried to keep my distance, because I didn't want to give him the impression that I was interested in dating. We ended up meeting up in December 2005 in Dothan, which is near both our hometowns, to watch a movie (The Producers). There had always been a rapport (a chemistry, if you prefer) between us, and seeing each other after not being face to face for about three years definitely sparked something, I think. But still, I was in Tuscaloosa and wrapped up in college life, and he was in Georgia, working at a paper and winning some crazy amount of awards.

We continued to talk via AIM and occasionally on the phone, but I guess we didn't see each other again until sometime around May 2007. Bobby had just moved back to the area after a tornado devastated Enterprise a few weeks before. I was on my way to work a retreat in Andalusia, and he asked if I wanted to grab dinner on my way back.

Well, needless to say, the chemistry was still there. I remember hugging him and making some comment about how it felt good or just seemed to fit. And that's what doomed us. ;)

The next few weeks we were pretty much on the phone every night, until finally we decided we were being idiots and might as well just date. We call the day we met in Andalusia our official dating anniversary -- May 12 -- and we went on our first "real" date a few weeks after that.

I moved back down to the Wiregrass in August 2007 to be closer to him, and we even ended up working at the same newspaper for a while. He moved to Demopolis, I think in March 2008, and that made life much more difficult, but we made it work.

Then in May 2008, almost exactly a year after we started dating, he proposed. Our parents met for the first time, and he asked me in front of them.

In July, I moved back to Tuscaloosa for numerous reasons: I missed my friends and church family, it was closer to him, and I got a wonderful new job. And finally, near the beginning of September, Bobby was able to move to Tuscaloosa, too. It's the first time we've actually lived in the same town, and it is WONDERFUL!

We are getting married March 21, 2009, in my grandmother's church in Clio, Ala., and I can hardly wait. I am learning that I hate wedding planning, but registering for gifts is fun!

So that's us. Hopefully we'll be doing a lot more blogging here in the future!